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Do you feel like you're not connecting with the right customers? Do you fumble for the right words when people ask what you do?​ Do you have a solid mission and vision for your business or are you coasting on instinct? Do you wish you had a powerful, ready-to-go elevator pitch?


With our brand strategy process, you'll gain newfound clarity about your company's purpose and become armed with the precise language you need to quickly articulate: 

  • Who You Are

  • What You Do

  • How You Do It

  • Who Needs to Know

  • Why They Should Care

  • How They'll Find You

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What does a brand strategy do?


It unveils unique insights about your brand.


It surfaces unique insights about your customers.


It reveals how your brand and your customers align and connect.


It discovers how to attract, serve, and delight your customers.

What does a brand strategy project look like?


3-Session Workshop

Unearth the true meaning of your brand, what makes it special, who your ideal customers are, and how you can best serve them in our multi-part workshop. We will guide you through our valuable step-by-step process. 


Brand Strategy Roadmap PDF

This document contains the insights gained from our workshop for your continued reference. It codifies your brand's essential qualities and lays out a clear plan for putting your brand strategy into action. Your roadmap will contain:

Pro Elevator Pitch

  • A quick summary of your value.

  • Stimulates discussion.

  • Attracts potential clients.

Buyer Persona

  • Who your ideal customer is.

  • Their problems that you can solve.

  • What motivates them.

Unique Selling Proposition

  • How you uniquely solve your customer's problems.

  • Something only you can do.

  • This is what makes you special.

Value Proposition

  • The promise your brand makes.

  • How you deliver value.

  • Why people should buy from you.

Vision Statement

  • Your hopes and dreams.

  • The big-picture, future desired state.

  • How you'll better the world.

Mission Statement

  • What you do.

  • Whom you serve.

  • How you serve them.

The Goal of This Strategy

  • Why you're here.

  • Where you're headed.

Brand Touchpoints Plan

  • How best to express your brand strategy.

  • Where your customers engage with you.

  • What needs to happen next.

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