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Terms of Engagement

We're passionate about partnering with businesses whose mission and values resonate with ours. As such, we're very selective about our clientele. These terms of engagement aim to provide you with an overview of our workflow and expectations, setting the stage for a fruitful collaboration.

Our Ideal Client

  • Believes in the power of brand identity design and social media marketing

  • Understands the value of a consistent, high-quality brand identity

  • Lacks the internal resources for substantial branding and marketing efforts

  • Seeks a long-term, comprehensive solution rather than a quick piecemeal fix

  • Communicates brand values and goals clearly

  • Is organized, responsive, and receptive to feedback and suggestions


Office Hours and Holidays

We operate from 9AM–5PM MST, Monday–Friday. We are closed for U.S. bank holidays, including MLK Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Caesar Chavez Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and the last week of the year.



Our preferred method of communication is email. We respond to emails within 24 hours.


Single Point of Contact

To ensure clear communication, Anne Maria Tafoya will be Unity Design’s point of contact for all correspondence. We ask that our clients designate a single representative to communicate with us.


Project Participation

Any stakeholders who want to participate in our work, especially in design feedback and approval, should be involved from the start and managed by the client's designated point of contact.



We schedule a monthly meeting for subscription-based engagements. Additional meetings can be requested at least one week in advance via email and are subject to our availability.



Timely and thorough feedback is essential for project success. We request replies to all messages within 2 business days. Delays in feedback or approval can stall projects and compromise completion dates.



We provide fixed prices, not estimates. The first month's fee for subscription-based engagements must be paid in full to schedule our work. For stand-alone projects, the project fee must be paid in full to schedule the project.



If you're unsatisfied with our work or the project direction within the first 30 days of our engagement, we will refund your entire fee.



Due to high demand, we may not be able to take on new projects immediately. We schedule project start dates as soon as the first month's payment is made for a subscription plan, or payment is made in full for stand-alone projects.


Scope of Work

Our scope is limited to what is explicitly outlined in our subscription plans and proposals. Additional requests will require a new proposal and associated fees.


Graphic Design Project Workflow

Depending on your subscription level, you have access to 6, 12, or unlimited graphic design projects. We undertake one project at a time.



Final approved artwork files will be delivered via email or Dropbox. Archived files can be retrieved for a fee. All fees must be paid in full before deliverables are released.


Payments and Scheduling

The quoted fee must be paid in full upon acceptance to schedule projects. For monthly subscription-based engagements, the first month's fee must be paid in full to schedule the project. Late payments will halt work until the outstanding balance is paid in full.



Depending on your subscription level, all design projects include at least two rounds of revisions. Additional revisions are available for $175 per round.


Design Proofs

Clients are responsible for ensuring the content in design proofs is correct. Unity Design is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the approved artwork.


Design Approval and Prepress Work

Clients must officially approve all design proofs using our artwork approval form. Modifications requested after form submission are available for $175 per round.


Press Checks and Print Color Accuracy

Unity Design cannot guarantee the color accuracy or quality of printed or on-screen designs. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure print vendors use the right ink colors.


Social Media Marketing Expectations

Social media marketing requires consistency, creativity, experimentation, and patience. Results typically appear after 6–12 months. Unity Design specializes in organic social media.


Intellectual Property

Final, approved designs become the client's property upon payment of project fees. Unity Design retains the rights to preliminary materials and software used to create the project.


Project Suspension Fee

If you need to withdraw from a subscription-based engagement before completion, you may do so by paying 50% of one month’s fees. If the engagement is ended without payment of the suspension fee, Unity Design reserves the right to reuse or amend any work done up to that point.


Project Timelines & Rush Fees

Each project has its own timeline. Additional work, late client feedback, or unexpected circumstances may require extra time and fees. Rush projects may incur a fee of at least 50% of the regular project fee.



Unity Design cannot be held liable for any loss or misfortune arising from the use of the approved designs beyond the original project fee.

Improve the perception of your brand.

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